Next event is on Sunday October 29th. Celebrating 10th anniversary of helping Muslim singles in America.


Next Matrimonial Event April 28 2019 Updated on: 11/19/2018
23nd matrimonial event is on Sunday April 28th 2019 Registration will be open soon. Email any question at

Major media outlets BBC and NY Times recently covered Muslim matrimonial issues in America. was the focus of the report. To read the full story please click here!

Introduction is a premier Muslim eligible professional matrimonial event service. It focuses on providing the Muslim community with a wide selection of potential matrimonial candidates. Candidates preserve their dignity and values throughout the matrimonial event. provides Muslims a platform to meet other Muslims descending from every part of the world. We provide two services:

  • MATRIMONIAL EVENT- Live meeting (Millan/get together)
  • MATRIMONIAL DIRECT- Online contact

Why Attend an Event?

Before you completely dismiss the idea of meeting potential matrimonial candidates, consider the following scenarios: You've worked hard all your life to get through college and then find a decent job to guarantee yourself financial stability. The problem is you never had time to meet someone along the way. So now what do you do? It's time to set your personal life in order and begin your search for the person of your dreams and live happily ever after. Whether you are just starting off in life and want to find your soul mate or are already established but haven’t had the time or means to meet people, a event is a safe, viable option to meet and converse with like-minded people.

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