Terms & Conditions

Matrimonial Event

  • Registration fees are non refundable, non transferable and no credit can be received if canceled or not showed up for any reason.
  • If MillanUs.com cancels or postpones an event due to extenuating circumstances, a credit will be given for the following event.
  • Matrimonial event is a private event, so is the profile. Only MillanUS Admin can view the profiles and keep you posted with our activities.
  • We expect each participant to provide correct information about them, but it is your responsibility to investigate.
  • We hope but not assure that you find a match in this event or future events.
  • MillanUS.com reserves the rights to disallow any registrant from attending the event.
  • Members are expected to keep MillanUS.com posted for progress and success.

Matrimonial Direct

  • There is no subscription refund. There is no subscription fee, it is free for the convenience of our Muslim community.
  • MillanUS.com is providing the portal to all Muslims as a forum. MillanUS.com cannot be held responsible for any incident resulting from the contact.
  • Your full name and address are hidden from other members; ID # with Telephone and email are shown on your profile. You may be selected as a feature member on the Matrimonial Direct homepage.
  • We encourage you to thoroughly screen all members that you contact. We hold no responsibility.
  • Members must be courteous and reasonable when contacting other MillanUS members.
  • Members are expected to keep MillanUS.com posted for progress and success.