Matrimonial Event is a premier event service for eligible Muslim professionals. It focuses on providing the Muslim community with a wide selection of potential matrimonial candidates. provides Muslims a forum to meet other Muslims descending from every part of the world

Our motto is "Muslims Marry Muslims"

This is the only organization that is organizing Matrimonial Events on a nationwide scale, and the number of attendees is increasing every time. At our last event, we had attendees from 12 different states, indicating that MillanUS is a phenomenon sweeping the nation.
 Our 5 1/2 hour events focus on introducing Muslim men and women by their age group.
An event consists of two sessions; a one-on-one (only for singles) and an open session (includes family members).

Our campaign includes electronic and print media in addition to an e-mail blast sent to more than 20,000 Muslims. We reach out to thousands of Muslims from several countries of origin; Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and Arab nations.
Candidates preserve their dignity and values throughout the matrimonial event.

  •  Meet one-on-one and socialize with Muslim singles.
  • Chaperoned event with Islamic values.
  • We choose top-rated venues with top-rated menus.
  • Months of searching for a spouse condensed into one day.
  • It is worth taking a day off or even flying to another state to attend MillanUS matrimonial event.

Our audience consists of single Muslims who are looking for a life partner, their parents/family members and community activists who help us with the event. No unrelated people are allowed for privacy reason. On an average we have 250-300 people in the banquet hall at each event.

* Please read the disclaimer before registering.
* Review all the pages on our website to have a good understanding and suitability of our event.

Please note:
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*If you have previously registered for an event, just request by email to activate your profile for Matrimonial Direct.

*Matrimonial event is a private event, so is the profile. Only MillanUS Admin can view the profiles and keep you posted with our activities.

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