Matrimonial Direct

Totally free membership for Muslim Community. has launched a new service for Muslim community around the world.
Muslims from any country of origin color or race can fill out a profile and include contact information of their choice (i.e. phone number or fax. e-mail will be shown). Once you’ve created a profile, you will be able to view other members’ profile, using our search engine. You can search by several criteria, such as age, location, educational level, and ethnicity and can CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY.

Keep checking our website, New members, Everyday.

Please note:
*If you would like to attend a live Matrimonial Event, please click on the Matrimonial Event registration tab.
*If you are registered for Matrimonial Direct already, just request by email to activate your profile for a Matrimonial Event.

Before you register
*Your profile will be viewable only after approval (usually within 24 hours).
*At the end of subscription period you must renew to use our service and your profile viewable.
*There is no subscription refund (full or partial)
* Only registered members can view your profile.
*Your full name and address are hidden from other members; ID # and email are shown.
*We encourage you to thoroughly screen all members that you contact. We hold no responsibility.
*inserting your photo increases the number of responses you receive.


Matrimonial Direct Registration!